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Sunshine Farms (Sunshine Farmin)

Sunshine Farms (Sunshine Farmin)
Sun Grown Packaging brings years of experience in innovative packaging and design. Sun Grown offices and manufacturing facilities are located in Oakland, CA. Every step of the process is overseen by experts in their field who utilize precision and hands on care to ensure exceptional products and high quality standards. We employ a variety of cutting edge technology and machinery. We believe in being honest, direct, and open minded every step of the way. We are unafraid to take risks and seek to help set standards in the cannabis industry with our process, service, and products. Our ethos is teamwork, integrity, and strong sense of community, which translates into a highly-efficient and impeccable job done for you. Our expert team is well-established in the industry, each with a proven track record. Sun Grown Packaging is thrilled to be playing a vital role in the cannabis industry and it’s positive growth. We intend to be around for many generations to come.

Tier: 3

Type: Producer & Processor

Address: 5913 NE 127th Ave, Vancouver, WA 98682 Clark County

Total Sales: $3,399,861.00

License Number: 412869

UBI Number: 603346904

DBA: Sunshine Farming, LLC

Incorporated: May 2016

Products Produced

Dutch Treat

Dutch Treat

Dutch Treat, a super strong indica dominant hybrid that is a very popular strain among Amsterdam coffee shops, stays true to its name. With varying THC levels of up to 25%,...

Average Prices: $30/2 Grams $45/Eighth