Seattle's Private Reserve

Seattle's Private Reserve
Welcome to Seattle’s Private Reserve. We are a Premier Tier III Licensed 502 Producer and Processor of recreational cannabis products for the state of Washington. Our company was founded in November 2014 by a diverse group of individuals with a wide range of skills and personalities who’s common bond is a deep passion for the cultivation of Cannabis. Our state of the art facility is a true sealed environment designed to obtain optimal productions. Every step of the grow process is carefully monitored for quality control by our breeder “Jackson”. Every product that comes out of our facility is tested by Steephill Lab in order to maintain the highest possible standards. We always test our product to ensure you are getting nothing but the best from Seattle’s Private Reserve. Seattle’s Private Reserve is also a premier Processor of Cannabis Concentrates and Infused Products. All of our light hydrocarbon extractions are done using an I502 compliant close loop extraction system. All gases used in extraction are rated 99.9% purity and then redistilled by us to ensure ultimate purity in our final product. Our state of the art facility and extraction methods combined with the artistry of our seasoned extraction specialists, result in the highest quality light hydrocarbon extracts achievable. We are confident our consumers will enjoy the most flavorful, highest purity, and stable shatter, wax, or honey oil. Seattle’s Private Reserve is proud to offer the best premium products you can trust.

State Serviced: Washington 

Tier: 3

Type: Producer & Processor

Address: 17731 59th Ave NE a, Arlington, WA 98223 Snohomish County

Total Sales: $6,415,629.00

License Number: 417068

UBI Number: 603384148

DBA: Edge Enterprises LLC

Incorporated: Apr 2015

Products Produced

Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue

There are many different version of the infamous Gorilla Glue, but this one here is a potent batch of the strain that can reach THC levels of 24.4%. With little to no trace...