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Ninja Gardens

Ninja Gardens
Ninja Gardens is a creation of a direct descendant of true Japanese Ninjas. The logo placed on our packaging represents the family symbol given to our ancestors direct from the majesty himself, Emperor of Japan. Stories tell that in ancient Japan, ninjas would train by jumping over Cannabis plants. Every day they would have to leap over the fast growing plants, and increase their vertical as the plants grew. The history of Cannabis in Japan runs deep; from its use in textiles to the plants’ smoke used to exile evil spirits. Cannabis was available in Japanese drug stores in the early 20th century, and then upon U.S. occupation became illegal under the Cannabis Control Act. We now provide you with the start of a new story… are you ready?

Tier: 3

Type: Producer & Processor

Address: 234805 E Straight Bank Rd Kennewick WA 99337 Benton County

Total Sales: $2,310,297.00

License Number: 417001

UBI Number: 603357155

DBA: Ninja Gardens Inc

Incorporated: Oct 2016

Products Produced



Grown in the Hindu Kush Mountains where the first cannabis plants were found for human consumption, Afghani or Afghan Kush is one of the world’s most popular strains. Reach...

Produced By: Ninja Gardens

Average Prices: $6/Gram

Dutch Treat

Dutch Treat

Dutch Treat, a super strong indica dominant hybrid that is a very popular strain among Amsterdam coffee shops, stays true to its name. With varying THC levels of up to 25%,...

Average Prices: $30/2 Grams $45/Eighth