Artizen Cannabis

Artizen Cannabis
The zen-like practices imparted from our expert growers onto our production crews emphasize a calm, thoughtful approach - one attuned to the natural aspects of growing plants. Even with the large-scale task of supplying a gigantic market in a commercial setting, our growing facilities are well-staffed and we take our time. Quality is always our number one priority.

State Serviced: Washington 

Tier: 3

Type: Producer & Processor

Address: 2660 Willamette Dr NE f, Lacey, WA 98516 Thurston County

Total Sales: $22,365,643.00

License Number: 413462

UBI Number: 603355143

DBA: Artizen Group LLC

Incorporated: Apr 2015

Products Produced

Dutch Treat

Dutch Treat

Dutch Treat, a super strong indica dominant hybrid that is a very popular strain among Amsterdam coffee shops, stays true to its name. With varying THC levels of up to 25%,...

Average Prices: $30/2 Grams $45/Eighth