WiFi OG Sugar Wax

WiFi OG Sugar Wax
Concentrates - Hybrid-Indica
A fast-hitting and potent indica dominant strain, Wifi OG a.k.a “White Fire OG” or just “Wifi” is a bud that is sure to send you out of the galaxy. Don’t be surprised if time travels at light speed or slows down til you can count the milliseconds going by...Wifi OG is a powerhouse of a strain, that should be consumed with control! With THC levels able to bottom out at 28%, Wifi OG is an extremely potent indica hybrid (60:40, indica/sativa) that will bring mental introspection and lack of physical mobility. Be sure to enjoy this strain at night time or when there is not much to do as this strain has the potential to couch-lock. This strain is ideal for those suffering from mild pain, fatigue, lack of focus, depression and stress. Now available in sugar wax, a golden honey cannabis extract concentrate with double to triple the potency.

Produced By: CannaBiotix (CBX)

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