VCM #2 Pre-Roll

VCM #2 Pre-Roll
Pre-Rolls - Hybrid
Created by an ambitious, organic cultivation brand, Green Life Productions (GLP), their original strain VCM #2 is pre-rolled into these potent joints. Free of contaminants and a healthy batch, VCM #2 is part of a collection of strains produced for Vegas Cannabis Magazine. Out of the three VCM #2 is a fan favorite, and it is soon to be yours too.

Produced By: Green Life Productions

Average Prices
Dispensary Location Each Gram
Essence Vegas - The Strip 2307 Las Vegas Blvd S., Las Vegas, Nevada, $11.0 --
Blum - Las Vegas (Western Ave) 1921 Western Ave., Las Vegas, Nevada, 89045 $12.99 --
Silver State Relief 175 East Greg Street, Sparks, Nevada, -- $7.5

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