Sungrown Sativa Joint 5-Pack

Sungrown Sativa Joint 5-Pack
Pre-Rolls - Sativa
Grown from only the sun’s natural energy and organic farming, Sun-Grown Sativa Pre-rolls are a step away from the modern cannabis norm. While most strains are grown indoors on account of prohibition or the yields needed to supply dispensaries, these outdoor grown buds are all natural, and grown with care. Enjoy a sativa joint brought to you gleefully, in part by the sun’s warming rays!

Produced By: Willie's Reserve

Average Prices
Dispensary Location Each Gram Eighth Quarter Ounce Half Ounce Ounce
The Green Joint - Parachute 315 E 1st St, Parachute, Colorado, 81635 $10.0 $8.0 $29.0 $58.0 $116.0 $233.0
Tumbleweed - Edwards 57 Edwards Access Rd, Edwards, Colorado, 81632 $10.0 -- -- -- -- --
Tri Canna 411 North Commercial St, Trinidad, Colorado, 81082 -- -- -- -- -- --

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