Slime Dawg MillaNaire

Slime Dawg MillaNaire
Flower - Hybrid - THC: 22.0%
The Slimer OG indica-dominant hybrid offers a double dose of ocean grown genetics through the heavy but functional Ghost OG and the complex aroma and subdued stimulation of White Fire Alien OG. Slimer OG will ignite your appetite and compel a sense of physical wellness. Expect a delicious earthy aroma with an air of OG Kush on the finish. Chemdog Millionaire fruity, chemically, sweet and sour, yet some parts are earthy, dank with a pine forest aroma and flavour. Chemdog Millionaire tantalises and tickles the full spectrum of senses in ones body. It can refresh and rejuvenate, yet it may also chill the F out of you, relax you like nothing ever has before and induce sleep. It can sort your head out and clear your senses, yet it can also cloud your head and senses, and one could find oneself concentrating and meditating on pointless shi@ for hours on end.

Produced By: Altus Labs

Average Prices
Dispensary Location Gram Eighth Ounce
RISE Spanish Springs 9650 Pyramid Way, Spanish Springs, Nevada, 89045 $8.93 $31.25 $164.27

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