Silverback Gorilla Pre-Roll

Silverback Gorilla Pre-Roll
Pre-Rolls - Hybrid-Indica - THC: 24.0%
A must-have for cannabis consumers in the need of sleep or appetite, Silverback Gorilla is an ingenious indica dominant hybrid created through the cross breed of Grape Ape and Silver Haze strains. With THC levels from 21-27% Silverback Gorilla offers a quick hitting indica high that will have you couch locked. Recommended for nighttime use only or for the daring during the day, this rare hybrid will deliver sedation and intense relief. For those struggling with chronic pain, muscle spasms, appetite loss, and insomnia try this welcoming strain; it will be there to tuck you in at night. With every color cannabis has to offer, Silverback Gorilla is a small, dense dark green nug with deep purple leaves. Not only that, but the amber hairs and sweet crystal trichomes that accompany the bud will have you just wanting more.

Produced By: Shango

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