Seattle Sour Breath Preroll

Seattle Sour Breath Preroll
Pre-Rolls - Hybrid-Sativa
Sour Breath is certainly not as bad as its name might suggest. Rather it is the awe-inspiring crossbreed of legendary Lamb’s Bread and Sour Diesel strains. Packing a sour bite with fruity flavors, Sour Breath is a heavy hitting diesel, with moderate THC levels of 15-17%. Sour Breath will leave you very lofty and excited in general when in social environments. The open mindedness effect and body relaxation makes Sour Breath an ideal strain for treating symptoms of fatigue, lack of appetite, depression, insomnia and stress.

Produced By: Phat Panda

Average Prices
Dispensary Location Each Gram
The Bakeréé 74 South Lucile Street, Seattle, Washington, 98826 -- $8.0
Have a Heart - Bothell 22624 Meridian Ave S., Bothell, Washington, 98826 $6.0 --
The Last Stop Pot Shop - Gold Bar 41711 Stevens Pass Hwy, Gold Bar, Washington, 98826 -- $8.0

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