Regulator Obama Kush Wax

Regulator Obama Kush Wax
Concentrates - Hybrid-Indica
A high that brings the best of both worlds, Obama Kush is a balanced indica dominant strain that also has high THC levels of up to 21%. A 65:35 indica to sativa ratio, this crossbreed of Afghani x OG Kush is quite aromatic with hints of pine and the classic kush smell. Once you’ve smoked Obama Kush the strain will be very distinguishable from other strains in the future. A high that will bring creativity and relaxation for hours, Obama Kush is ideal for a variety of conditions, but is also just great for cerebral and body highs while chilling after a long day. Don’t be surprised if you end up creating something artistic after a toke or two.

Produced By: Smokey Point Productions (SPP)

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