NYC Diesel Pre-Roll

NYC Diesel Pre-Roll
Pre-Rolls - THC: 19.0% - CBN: 1.0%
NYC Diesel is true to its lineage, coming from Sour Diesel crossed with a Hawaiian or classic Afghani strain. NYC Diesel is a potent sativa dominant hybrid (60% sativa, 40% indica) at THC levels that can surpass 20%. Best for experienced smokers, it’s powerful strain that has an even stronger taste. Taking from its parentage, the fuel and skunkiness of Sour D overpowers this hybrid as the other cross brings a bright tartness as well. With a stimulating head rush, that is sure to induce excitement, raise energy levels, and relax the mind, patients say this strain is great for stress and anxiety. This dank strain is already pre-rolled for your pleasure.

Produced By: Polaris MMJ

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