Next1 Shatter

Next1 Shatter
Next1 extraction takes the science behind cannabis extraction and uses it as an artform, creating craftsman level work for a variety of products. Utilizing their Class 1 Division Lab and Class 1 Division 2 extraction room, Next1 brings only the best product to the table. Every round of oil that is extracted goes through sampling and rigorous testing to make sure all potency is up to the Next1 standards and promise. Enjoy knowing the time and care was taken to produce these lively extracts.

Produced By: Next1 Labs LLC

Average Prices
Dispensary Location Gram
Buddy Boy 38th - REC 21+ 4012 W. 38th Avenue, Denver, Colorado, 80212 $15.0
Buddy Boy Walnut - REC 21+ 3814 Walnut Street, Denver, Colorado, 80205 $15.0
Buddy Boy South Federal - REC 21+ 2426 S. Federal Blvd, Denver, Colorado, 80219 $15.0

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