Mahatma Wax

Mahatma Wax
Mahatma Concentrates extraction methods are currently hydrocarbon based, meaning we extract via solvent. The solvent we use in our hydrocarbon closed loop extraction equipment is N-Butane. We use a CP grade 99.8% pure N-Butane, and our system recycles it, not allowing any gas to evaporate into the atmosphere. Solvents used in our extraction process, are then purged from the oil, further refined and processed, leaving minute/no residual solvents left in the final product. All of our hash concentrates meet Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Divisions requirements for hydrocarbon extraction companies. We are required to test every hash concentrate batch that is produced, for residual solvents and potency. This system is a must to help eliminate our carbon footprint. Recycling hydrocarbon gas for extraction is the new standard in Colorado, which we are happy to spearhead. This method sets the stage for responsible practices, and we are working with local government to ensure public safety is our prime objective. We are currently running the most advanced closed loop hydrocarbon extraction system, which has recently been signed off by the City of Denver Fire Department. Our hydrocarbon extraction system is ETL Listed, and meets all requirements by the City of Denver & the State of Colorado. We currently are focused on hydrocarbon extraction methods, and offer Wax, Shatter, Honeycomb &

Produced By: Mahatma

Average Prices
Dispensary Location Gram
Natures Herbs and Wellness Center 522 27th St., Garden City, Colorado, 80631 $34.99
Natures Herbs and Wellness II - medical 17216 North Frontage Road, Log Lane Village, Colorado, 80705 $34.99
Starbuds DU 1640 East Evans Ave., Denver, Colorado, 80210 $24.56
Starbuds NW Denver 1451 Cortez Street Unit A, Denver, Colorado, 80221 $25.03
Strawberry Fields Pueblo North 2285 Interstate 25 N, Pueblo, Colorado, 81008 $30.0
Alternative Medicine on Capitol Hill 1301 Marion St, Denver, Colorado, 80218 $37.0
San Juan Strains 356 E Pagosa St Ste B, Pagosa Springs, Colorado, 81147 --
A Wellness Centers Medical 2918 Wood Ave, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80907 --

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