Long's Peak Blue

Long's Peak Blue
Flower - Hybrid-Indica
Longs Peak Blue is a beautiful Indica cultivar from the house of Rare Dankness Seeds that isn't seen around often although is very popular. It's heritage is a cross of Old Blue X Rare Dankness #1. Good in the daytime, has unique properties as an Indica hybrid, possessing a strong body relaxing vibe but also is energizing and euphoric and won't hold you back from being active like a heavier Indica variety usually will. Aka: It is't a knock you out strain. Properly dosed it is an anti-inflammatory, a mild painkiller, and appetite stimulator, as well promoting relaxation and focus and intensified senses and creativity.

Produced By: 8 Fold

Average Prices
Dispensary Location 2 Grams Eighth Quarter Ounce Half Ounce Ounce
Terrapin Care Station - Broadway - Adult Use 1 Broadway #A150, Denver, Colorado, 80203 $12.0 $20.0 $35.0 $70.0 $119.0
Terrapin Care Station - Mississippi Ave - Adult Use 11091 East Mississippi Ave. Unit B, Aurora, Colorado, 80012 -- -- -- -- --
Terrapin Care Station - Folsom Street - Adult Use 1795 Folsom St., Boulder, Colorado, 80302 $12.0 $20.0 $35.0 -- --
Terrapin Care Station - 33rd Ave - Adult Use 11900 East 33rd Ave., Aurora, Colorado, 80010 $12.0 $20.0 $35.0 $70.0 $119.0
Terrapin Care Station - Broadway 1 Broadway Ste A150, Denver, Colorado, 80203 -- $20.0 $35.0 $70.0 $140.0
Terrapin Care Station - Broadway 1 Broadway Ste A150, Denver, Colorado, 80203 -- $20.0 $35.0 $70.0 $140.0
Terrapin Care Station - Folsom St. - Boulder 1795 Folsom St, Boulder, Colorado, 80302 -- -- -- -- --

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