Kookies 47

Kookies 47
Flower - Hybrid-Indica
Kookies 47 crosses Girl Scout Kookies with AK-47 to fabulous Indica-leaning effect. This strain's soaring levels of THC comes from its award-winning predecessors, with earthy and floral notes of flavor to delight the most scrutinizing of taste buds. Kookies 47 powerhouse Hybrid effects send the mind into a state of stupor-like bliss, while the body enjoys utter pain and inflammation relief. Terpenes: b-Caryophyllene 1.58mg, b-Myrcene 2.94mg, a-Pinene 2.32mg.

Produced By: FloraVega / Welleaf

Average Prices
Dispensary Location Gram Eighth Quarter Ounce
RISE Spanish Springs 9650 Pyramid Way, Spanish Springs, Nevada, 89045 $9.82 -- --
The Apothecary Shoppe - West Las Vegas 4240 W. Flamingo Rd. No. 100, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89103 -- -- --
Inyo Fine Cannabis Dispensary | Las Vegas 2520 S. Maryland Parkway, Suite 2, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89109 $10.0 $35.0 $70.0

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