Jupiter's Sunset Shatter

Jupiter's Sunset Shatter
Concentrates - Hybrid
LIke the largest planet in our solar sytem, the Jupiter cannabis strain is awe-inspiring and has strong impacts on the universe around us! A strain that is best for night-time use, Jupiter will bring along couch-lock and heavy sedation, which makes it ideal for those dealing with insomnia and physical pain. Jupiter’s THC levels range from 17.2-18.5%, making it a solid flower for recreational and medicinal effects. With euphoric and sleep inducing effects, this potent strain is now available in shatter and ready to be dabbed or vaped. In shatter form Jupiter is double to triple the potency.

Produced By: Hyve Extracts

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Dispensary Location
Mary Jane's House of Grass 8312 E Mill Plain Blvd, Vancouver, Washington, 98664

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