Jet Fuel

Jet Fuel
Flower - Hybrid-Sativa - THC: 18.0%
A sativa dominant hybrid (70:30, sativa/indica), Jet Fuel, is a crossbreed of Aspen OG and High Country Diesel. Also going by the nickname, “G6” like the airplane, Jet Fuel has been compared to other stimulants such as cocaine in jest. With average THC levels of 22%, this hybrid will heat you like a train in the forehead and face, as you might slip into fits of laughter and happiness. Bursts of energy and mood boosts may accompany the high as your body begins to relax. This makes Jet Fuel an ideal strain for treating symptoms of stress, mood swings, depression, mild headaches, and fatigue. The small, but dense olive shaded and orange hairs that are coated in crystal trichomes. Enjoy this flavorful and potent strain with friends or by yourself, as it is sure to spark the mood!
Average Prices
Gram Eighth
$11.3 $33.87
Pricing at or below the Average Price of $33.87 per Eighth Clear Average Price
Dispensary Location Eighth
Greenside Recreational Des Moines 23407 Pacific Hwy S, Des Moines, Washington, 98198 $20.0
A Greener Today - Walla Walla 655 W Poplar St, Walla Walla, Washington, 98826 $15.0
112th St. Cannabis 5809 112th St. East, Puyallup, Washington, 98826 $15.0
The Gallery - Tacoma 13005 Pacific Ave S., Parkland, Washington, 98826 $30.0
Clutch Cannabis - Seattle 11537 Rainier Ave South, Seattle, Washington, 98826 $25.0
Mary Jane - Kirkland 13513 NE 126TH PL, KIRKLAND, Washington, 98826 $12.0
KushMart - Everett 6309 Evergreen Way STE C, Everett, Washington, 98826 $25.0
Seattle Tonics 12059 Aurora Ave North, Seattle, Washington, 98826 $15.0
Issaquah Cannabis Company - Recreational 230 NE Juniper Street, Issaquah, Washington, 98826 $15.0
Pot Stop - Seattle 4465 Fremont Ave N., Seattle, Washington, 98826 $32.0
Cannabis and Glass - Spokane 605 E Francis Ave, Spokane, Washington, 98826 $22.0
Cannabis & Glass - Spokane Recreational 605 E. Francis Ave, Spokane, Washington, 99208 $26.0
Local Roots Marijuana - Lynnwood 212 West Winesap Rd, Ste 101, Bothell, Washington, 98012 $24.0

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