Head Cheese

Head Cheese
Flower - Hybrid-Sativa - THC: 24.0%
Head Cheese is a cross between Cheese Hybrid and Headband. It is a sativa dominant hybrid strain with a 40:60 indica/sativa ratio and has an amazing 19% THC content. The buds are chunky and very dense all the while being pale green in color. You will also notice orange hairs seeping through the surface of the nuggets. What is really interesting is that the buds are mostly shaped like a brain. The smell and aroma are spectacular and it will keep you coming back for more each time. It smells like lemons and pine and is quite refreshing. The taste, however, is earthy and is not fruity as you would have expected it to be. It is piney and will leave a smooth aftertaste in your mouth for you to enjoy. The strain is very potent to say the least but it is clean at the same time. The high can be paralyzing which is why it is not recommended to individuals who are new to smoking cannabis. Unlike other strains, you will feel the effects overwhelm you almost immediately. However, there are some who may feel alert and creative as well. Additionally, you may also feel relaxed and talkative which makes Head Cheese the perfect strain to strike a conversation with people you have met for the very first time. That being said, it is also worth noting that the strain is equally effective at treating medical conditions like anxiety, muscle spasms, anorexia, migraines and other pains and aches.

Produced By: Polaris MMJ

Average Prices
Gram Gram
$15.36 $15.1
Dispensary Location Gram Eighth Quarter Ounce Half Ounce Ounce
Kind Leaf Pendleton 1733 SW Court AVe, Pendleton, Washington, 98826 $16.8 $54.0 $102.0 $198.0 $396.0
Mary Jane - Kirkland 13513 NE 126TH PL, KIRKLAND, Washington, 98826 $7.0 $27.0 -- -- --
AmeriCannaRx 8654 NE Sandy Blvd., Portland, Washington, 98826 $12.0 $30.0 $60.0 $96.0 $180.0
Canna West Seattle 5440 California Ave SW, Seattle, Washington, 98826 -- -- -- -- --
Doctor's Orders Portland 3424 NE 82nd Ave, Portland, Washington, 98826 $16.8 $54.0 $102.0 $198.0 $396.0
Always Greener Downtown - Redmond 15937 Redmond Way, Redmond, Washington, 98052 -- -- -- -- --
Rainier Cannabis - Mountlake Terrace 22002 64th Ave W Suite, Mountlake Terrace, Washington, 98043 -- -- -- -- --
Bud Hut - Everett 11603 Highway 99, Everett, Washington, 98204 -- -- -- -- --

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