Grape Krush Trim

Grape Krush Trim
Flower - Hybrid
A welcoming strain for any level of cannabis consumer, Grape Krush is a mild mannered indica dominant strain with unknown sativa/indica ratios. With deep purple nugs and green leaves, this berry and grape flavored nug is a savory blend of tastes in each drag. Delivering an upbeat head high and a relaxing mood, the indica dominant hybrid reaches THC levels of around 12% making this a very manageable strain to go about your day with. With trace amounts of CBD however, this would not be a strain prescribed to medical patients. Grape Krush is great for beginners looking to be introduced to cannabis, and other smokers looking for a mellow high.

Produced By: Heartland Industries

Average Prices
Gram Gram
$2.32 $2.35
Dispensary Location Each Gram Eighth Quarter Ounce Half Ounce Ounce
Greenside Recreational Des Moines 23407 Pacific Hwy S, Des Moines, Washington, 98198 -- $13.0 -- -- -- --
The Kings of Canna 1465 NE Prescott St. , Portland, Washington, 98826 $16.8 $14.0 $45.0 $80.0 $150.0 $275.0
The Joint In Wenatchee 1510 N Wenatchee Ave, Wenatchee, Washington, 98826 $16.8 $14.0 $45.0 $80.0 $150.0 $275.0

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