Ghost Train Haze

Ghost Train Haze
Flower - Hybrid-Sativa - THC: 27.0%
High Times magazine titled this strain the, “Most Potent Strain on Earth”, for good reason. Ghost Train Haze (GTH) is an insanely powerful sativa dominant hybrid (80%/20% sativa-indica ratio) that has reached THC levels close to 30%. Be warned that GTH is not for the faint of heart, especially if already prone to panic or anxiety induced attacks, however note that if prepared for GTH, the high will be unforgettable. In small doses users will be uncontrollably laughing or their mind will be racing with ideas. In large amounts, Ghost Train Haze can be more comparable to a light hallucinogenic, for it will bring the user out of their normal state and induce almost psychedelic moods. A crossbreed of Ghost OG and Neville’s Wreck, this bud is practically dripping in crystal trichomes, that will have you salivating at even a glance at this potent strain.

Produced By: Sweet As!Sunshine Farms (Sunshine Farmin)

Average Prices
Gram Eighth
$12.02 $40.37
Pricing at or below the Average Price of $40.37 per Eighth Clear Average Price
Dispensary Location Eighth
Greenside Recreational Des Moines 23407 Pacific Hwy S, Des Moines, Washington, 98198 $30.0
The Joint - Seattle 4336 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, Washington, 98826 $38.0
The Green Nugget 322 E Francis Ave., Spokane, Washington, 98826 $35.0
The Gallery - South Hill 11821 Canyon Rd E, Puyallup, Washington, 98826 $29.0
Bloom - Tacoma 10707 Pacific Ave S, Tacoma, Washington, 98826 $15.0
Green Fire Cannabis - Seattle 1956 1st Ave South, Seattle, Washington, 98826 $19.0
Trove Cannabis - Bellingham 218 N Samish Way, Bellingham, Washington, 98826 $19.0
Kush Pointe - Mukilteo 11811 Mukilteo Speedway, Mukilteo, Washington, 98826 $24.0
OZ. Recreational Cannabis 3831 Stone Way N, Seattle, Washington, 98826 $34.0
Walla Walla Weedery 728 Irene St., Walla Walla, Washington, 98826 $15.0
Attis Trading - 4920 NE Cully 4920 NE Cully Blvd., Portland, Washington, 98826 $30.0
The West Seattle Marijuana Store 10825 Myers Way S, Seattle, Washington, 98826 $35.0
Royal's Cannabis Medical/Recreational - Spokane 7115 N. Division, Spokane, Washington, 98826 $40.0
Diego Pellicer - Seattle 2215 4th Ave South, Seattle, Washington, 98826 $18.0
The Kings of Canna 1465 NE Prescott St. , Portland, Washington, 98826 $40.0
The Joint In Wenatchee 1510 N Wenatchee Ave, Wenatchee, Washington, 98826 $40.0
A Greener Today Marijuana - Seattle 5209 Martin Luther King Jr. Way S, Seattle, Washington, 98826 $40.0
The Evergreen Market - Auburn 402 16th St NE, Auburn, Washington, 98826 $35.0
KushMart - Everett 6309 Evergreen Way STE C, Everett, Washington, 98826 $40.0
Seattle Tonics 12059 Aurora Ave North, Seattle, Washington, 98826 $30.0
Kind Heart Collective 8217 N. Denver Ave., Portland, Washington, 98826 $34.0
The Evergreen Market - North Renton 409 Rainier Ave North, Renton, Washington, 98826 $35.0
Have a Heart - Belltown 115 Blanchard St, Seattle, Washington, 98826 $25.0
American Harvest 7550 US 97, Peshastin, Washington, 98847 $37.0
Green Fire Cannabis 1956 1st Ave S, Seattle, Washington, 98134 $19.0
Cinder - Spokane 7011 N. Division St., Spokane, Washington, 99208 $20.0
Dockside Cannabis in SODO 1728 4th Ave S, Seattle, Washington, 98134 $22.0
The Evergreen Market - South Renton 4242 East Valley Road, Renton, Washington, 98057 $35.0
Cinder - Spokane Valley 1421 N Mullan Road, Spokane Valley, Washington, 98826 $35.0
Dockside Cannabis in Shoreline 15029 Aurora Ave N, Shoreline, Washington, 98133 $22.0
The Evergreen Market - Renton 409 Rainier Ave North, Renton, Washington, 98057 $35.0
The Evergreen Market - Renton IKEA District 4242 East Valley Road, Renton, Washington, 98057 $35.0
2020 Solutions - Guide Meridian 5655 Guide Meridian, Bellingham, Washington, 98226 $38.0
Marley 420 - Covington 16204 SE 272nd St., Covington, Washington, 98826 $35.0
The Gallery - Tacoma 13005 Pacific Ave S., Tacoma, Washington, 98444 $39.0

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