Danky Kong x Chewbacca x Palace Kush Live Sugar

Danky Kong x Chewbacca x Palace Kush Live Sugar
Danky Kong a Colorado strain that reaches god-like THC levels of 30%, Chewbacca a tangy hybrid of Tangie and Thunderdome, and Palace Kush a savage strain that tastes just as powerful, are all combined in this Live Sugar to bring a devilishly awesome high. Crystally golden sugar bits that are similar to honey are ready to be dabbed, cooked, or vaped and will deliver the most tasty hit imaginable. Enjoy this Live Sugar a tasty new medium to the cannabis consumers.

Produced By: Next1 Labs LLC

Average Prices
Dispensary Location Gram
TweedLeaf Colorado 1602 W. Colorado Ave, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80904 $18.0
Mountain Medicinals Retail Center - Recreational 2313 Colorado Blvd, Idaho Springs, Colorado, 80452 $60.0

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