CBD Honey Stick

CBD Honey Stick
Like its name suggests Honest Hemp Co. honey is true to its word in making high quality oil for those who don’t enjoy the taste of CBD. The honey itself originates from honey farms throughout Nevada, California, Louisiana and Colorado. Variance in flavor is due to the different flowers bees pollinate. Grab a pack of these deliciously sweet, CBD infused honey sticks and enjoy with your next meal!

Produced By: Honest Hemp Co.

Average Prices
10 mg
Dispensary Location Each 5 Pack
Blum - Las Vegas (Decatur Blvd) 3650 S Decatur Blvd., Las Vegas, Nevada, $4.99 --
Exhale Nevada 4310 Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, Nevada, -- $10.0
The Apothecary Shoppe - West Las Vegas 4240 W. Flamingo Rd. No. 100, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89103 -- --
The Dispensary NV - Reno 100 W. Plumb Lane, Reno, Nevada, 89509 $25.0 --

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