Flower - Hybrid-Indica - THC: 18.0%
An incredibly dense and powerful nug, Caboose is a heavy hitter indica-dominant hybrid at a 10/90 sativa:indica ratio, with average THC levels of 18%. Combining the legendary strains Trainwreck and Salmon Creek Big Bud, this nug is considered to be a beautiful creation to even look at. A multi-color of green covered in bright orange hairs, this dense bud has the ability to put you right in the couch, and for hours. Best for treating anxiety, depression and pain, Caboose delivers heavy sedation but at the same time a very peaceful high that calms the user, brings warmth to the body and relieves tension from the shoulders. Considered to have little negative side effects, Caboose is definitely a strain to be consumed during nighttime as it will surely knock you out, and its effects can last for a few hours.

Produced By: Viva

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