Buddha's Delight

Buddha's Delight
Flower - Hybrid-Indica - THC: 17.0%
When looking for an even keel high that delivers a relaxed sedation, Buddha’s Delight could be exactly what you’re looking for. With limited adverse effects and a great high, this crossbreed of Buddha Tahoe OG and Sour Pez, will alleviate the pain whether mental or physical. Reaching meager THC levels of 17%, this strain is not here to knock out the user but instead usher them into an introspective, calming high that won’t take up the entire day. Due to its comfortable/relieving properties Buddha’s Delight can be found effective treating depression, bipolar disorder, irritability, and minor pain. Be prepared for the delightfully sweet bubblegum and pungent sour flavor that keeps patients coming back to this forest green and orange haired delicacy.

Produced By: Life Gardens

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