Brain Wreck

Brain Wreck
Flower - Hybrid - THC: 17.0%
The crossbreed of the legendary Trainwreck and Brain Child strains, brings the delightful offspring of Brainwreck, a 50/50 balanced hybrid that does exactly what its name suggests. At THC content averaging 18% this potent bud is quick to build cerebral highs that plateau in a beautiful hazy bliss, which energizes the high even more. The relaxation without sedation, along with general relief makes Brainwreck a great choice when treating stress, hunger loss, depression, and sleepiness. With earthy, sweet citrus aromas and a smooth burn when smoked allow Brainwreck to be the ideal strain for a relaxing day, with a hint of tasty flavors.

Produced By: Sweet As!

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