Blue God

Blue God
Flower - Indica - THC: 20.0%
Blue God is an almost 100% indica strain, that crossbreeds God Bud x Blueberry strains with THC content that can surpass 20%. Its genetic makeup allows this indica to deliver a god-like high that is mostly felt in the body and will surely you put you in-da-couch. Small amounts of head highs can be experienced, but its effects are mostly used for treating physical pain, fatigue, and mood swings. Blue God has powerful tastes that deliver grapes and the classic dank taste found in many other kushes. This very deep purple and pungent bud isn’t the most high-selling strain but can be found in most dispensaries across the West Coast and British Columbia.

Produced By: Ceres

Average Prices
Dispensary Location Each Gram 2 Grams Eighth
Walla Walla Cannabis Company 927 West Main Street, Walla Walla, Washington, 99362 $12.0 -- $12.0 --
Blowin Smoke 1967 US-395 Ste C, Chewelah, Washington, 99109 -- $20.0 -- $55.0

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