Blewett Pass Blue

Blewett Pass Blue
Flower - Hybrid-Sativa - THC: 19.0% - CBD: 2.0%
Only available in dispensaries and as pre-rolled joints, Blewett Blue Pass is a rare sativa dominant hybrid that is a relative of the legendary Blue Dream. A 60:40 split between sativa and indica, Blewett Blue Pass is a great introduction to cannabis for the non-smoker as it will come in a pre-rolled and has THC levels of 19% and CBD at 2%. That genetic make-up allows this strain to be perfect for medicinal and recreational users as well. Similar to its parent, Blue Dream, this strain has a powerful sweet berries aroma with an accent of vanilla. With high CBD properties Blewett Blue Pass will alleviate pain and uplift spirits as you are eased into calming relaxation. Due to its variety of medicinal effects, Blewett Blue Pass is best for muscle and joint inflammation and de-stressing.

Produced By: Doc Croc

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