Blackcherry Cheesecake

Blackcherry Cheesecake
Flower - Hybrid-Indica - THC: 19.0%
Blackberry Headband, is one of the most coveted indica dominant hybrids on the market. Its famously potent parents, Blackberry and Headband, are what fuel the passion for this rare strain. Reaching THC levels of 19%, this mild mannered hybrid (65:35, indica/sativa) will bring an energetic buzz and a mood boosting haze that will brighten your day. Although it does bring happiness and relief, it can also deliver heavy bouts of contemplation and quietness. Munchies and heavy sedation are also common effects of this tangy bud. When feeling symptoms of hunger loss, migraines, mood swings, and insomnia, Blackberry Headband will come to the rescue. With hints of citrus, the sweet blackberries and earthy aromas will be beckoning you to indulge in just a bit more, and its suggested you do just that!

Produced By: Solstice

Average Prices
Gram Eighth
$10.02 $30.9
Dispensary Location
Lux Pot Shop - Ballard 4912 17th Ave NW, Seattle, Washington, 98107

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