Black Diesel

Black Diesel
Flower - Hybrid-Sativa - THC: 19.0%
Black Diesel, a powerful sativa dominant strain, is a winner of the cannabis cup and was first created outside of the US, in Spain. It combines the popular NYC diesel x Black Domina strains, to bring accents of fruit with that heavy hitting diesel smell, that will be sure to leave you curious about the high. A dark green nug with deep purple, rich orange and pink leaves/hairs, Black Diesel reaches THC percentages of 19%. A favorite for beginner growers, this strain produces a bountiful yield, however it is known to have trouble with mold resistance, so keep an eye on this flower in heat! Due to its powerful euphoric properties, Black Diesel works well to alleviate migraines, arthritis pain, glaucoma, depression, and multiple sclerosis. Its side effects may include minor headaches, the usual dry eyes and cotton mouth, and small cases of anxiety. This bud is perfect for relaxing at the end of the day or if you’re in the need to destress.

Produced By: Cowlitz GoldDoc Croc

Average Prices
Dispensary Location Gram Eighth Quarter Ounce Half Ounce Ounce
Herbn Elements 11013 Lake City Wy NE, Seattle, Washington, 98125 -- $29.0 -- $96.0 --
Herbn Elements 11013 Lake City Wy NE, Seattle, Washington, 98125 -- -- -- -- --
Seattle Cannabis Company - Recreational 3230 1st Ave South, Seattle, Washington, 98134 -- -- -- -- --
Seattle Tonics 12059 Aurora Ave North, Seattle, Washington, 98133 -- $25.0 $40.0 -- --
Herbn Elements – Rec & Med 11013 Lake City Way NE, Seattle, Washington, 98125 -- -- -- $96.0 --
Bloom - Tacoma 10707 Pacific Ave S, Tacoma, Washington, 98444 -- -- -- -- --
Miller's Marijuana 5675 US HWY 12, Elma, Washington, 98541 -- $20.0 -- $65.0 $120.0
Cannarail Station 1448 Basin St. NW Suite A, Ephrata, Washington, 98823 $10.0 -- -- -- --
Bloom - Everett 11311 Highway 99, Everett, Washington, 98204 -- $25.0 -- -- --

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