Black Cherry OG

Black Cherry OG
Flower - Hybrid - THC: 15.0%
Black Cherry OG, an even 50/50 split of indica-sativa percentages has unknown origins but is speculated to be a cross of Grand Daddy Purp and Ken Estes’ OG. Ranging from 12 to 18 percent THC content this light and mossy green, amber hair covered nug is an incredibly sweet kush that brings flavors such as green tea, honey, and berries with a spice. After smoking this strain a blanket of cerebral and body highs will cast over you with relaxation and uplifting feelings. An “in-da-couch” feeling is expected, however in small doses can be perfect for a quick calming effect. With Black Cherry OG anxiety, mood swings, hunger loss, chronic pain and muscles spasm are no match for this fruity bud. Next time you find yourself in a West Coast dispensary be sure to inquire about this Ken Estes prize flower.

Produced By: Buddy Boy Farms

Average Prices
Gram Eighth
$9.26 $27.18
Pricing at or below the Average Price of $9.26 per Gram Clear Average Price
Dispensary Location Gram
The Happy Crop Shoppe-Cashmere 5736 Vale Road, Cashmere, Washington, 98815 $3.0
Green Collar Cannabis 10422 Pacific Ave. South Suite. B., Tacoma, Washington, 98444 $9.0
Cinder - Spokane Valley 1421 N Mullan Road, Spokane Valley, Washington, 98826 $8.0
PuffnChill - Lynnwood 15919 Highway 99, Lynnwood, Washington, 98087 $5.0

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