Better Concentrates Wax

Better Concentrates Wax
Better Concentrates is the trim trade label of the EndoCanna brand. It provides Buddy Boy with premium wax and shatter using both the butane and propane extraction methods. With Better Concentrates you know you're getting Virtually the same process as BHO with the exception of the Butane. Butane and Propane are both hydrocarbons with almost the same molecular structure. The difference in the two is that propane has a lower boiling point, a higher PSI and is less polar (water soluble). These small differences is solvents can create a totally different product out of the starting material. Gases pass over the material faster and colder also pulling no water solubles. This causes colors and flavor profiles to change radically, and produce a very desirable product, that is easier to purge than butan

Produced By: Better Concentrates

Average Prices
Dispensary Location Gram
Fiddler's Green 402 Palomino Trail, Ridgway, Colorado, 81432 --
Livwell - Adult Use 2647 8th Ave., Unit B, Garden City, Colorado, 80631 $30.0
Rocky Mountain High - Wazee 1538 Wazee Street, Denver, Colorado, 80202 $20.0

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