Better Concentrates Shatter

Better Concentrates Shatter
Better Concentrates is our secondary brand operating under the EC Labs entity. Better Concentrates is our product line extracted from material grown by licensed cultivation facilities outside of EC Labs. We source high quality material from partner dispensaries and other licensed MIP’s and process that material into an array of cannabis concentrates. Better Concentrates can process trim or whole plant fresh frozen material into concentrates such as waxes, shatters, Terp Syrup, distillate, BEter.pEN cartridges, budder and more. We also offer tincture and Chronic Relief Balm processing. Our mixed gas processing technique allows for both aesthetically beautiful and extremely flavorful concentrates. While we can’t control the cultivation aspect of the extraction process, we do maintain control of everything that occurs once the plant material crosses our doors. We clean our equipment thoroughly between each customer, ensuring no cross contamination. Our trim trade and whole plant partners can rest assured knowing that their cannabis material is in the hands of professionals with years of extraction experience. We craft better concentrates through our proven extraction process and proprietary technology. For more information on processing, please refer to our Better Concentrates processing sheet or inquire within.

Produced By: Better Concentrates

Average Prices
Dispensary Location Gram
Rocky Mountain High - Wazee 1538 Wazee Street, Denver, Colorado, 80202 $20.0

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