Banana Bubba Gum

Banana Bubba Gum
Flower - Hybrid-Indica - THC: 24.0%
Looking for a fun and delicious strain that also packs a wild punch? Banana Bubble Gum has everything you need. An uncommon indica dominant hybrid this kush can see levels of THC as high as 29%! Like its name suggests, inhaling this sweet bud will deliver flavors of bubble gum and fruity banana, that will have you enjoying the flowery smoke as much as the uplifting high. Great for treating stress, anxiety, depression, and especially insomnia, the dark green and orange Banana Bubble Gum that’s covered in sticky trichomes will enter you into a moment of nirvana. Rushes of euphoria will take away negative thoughts and allow the user to enjoy whatever activity they are doing, while not hindering focus. This tasty bud is a favorite in the West Coast, and will sure be a personal favorite for you as well.
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