Flower - Hybrid - THC: 22.0% - CBD: 1.0% - CBN: 1.0%
Like its name suggests, A-Train is a powerhouse of a strain. With THC levels able to exceed 20% and an exact balance of sativa and indica, this strong bud’s effects have a wide variety of uses. Bringing the potency from the indica strain Mazar I Sharif and the sativa hybrid Arcata e-32 Trainwreck, A-Train is a flower that will increase every aspect of intaking cannabis to ten fold. It is commonly used to help appetite issues, anxiety, pain and especially insomnia. Due to its high levels of CBD, A-Train can also be used to treat muscle spasms and seizures. Many note side effects such as bloodshot eyes, munchies, dry-mouth, and in some cases paranoia. This sweet and spicy herb is just as potent as its aroma, with light green leaves and speckled bright orange hairs. A-Train is not for the faint of heart, but is sure to bring smiles and a big appetite.
Average Prices
Gram Eighth
$13.05 $39.49
Dispensary Location Gram Quarter Ounce Half Ounce Ounce
The Gallery - Spanaway 21802 Mountain Highway E, Spanaway, Washington, 98826 -- -- -- $105.0
The Gallery - Fife 5303 Pacific Hwy East, Fife, Washington, 98826 -- -- -- $99.0
Green Light - Spokane 10309 East Trent Avenue, Spokane Valley, Washington, 98826 -- $40.0 $90.0 --
Sky High Pot Shop 6167 Portal Way, Ferndale, Washington, 98248 $5.0 -- -- --

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