Will CBD Show in a Drug Test?

Will Cbd Show In A Drug Test?

As we all can see and observe, the trend of medical marijuana is rising with every passing day. More and more patients are finding the answer to their pains and ailments in the offerings of marijuana. However, the question arises: will the usage of marijuana affect the results of a standard drug screening?

The answer is yes it will, considering how THC is a compound that gets the users of cannabis high. On the other hand, when you consider cannabis extracts and products based on CBD, the question posed above can be altered to: does CBD show up in a drug test?

Well, let’s find out:

The Simple Answer

Unlike THC, the consumption of CBD doesn’t result into an altered state of mind for the patient. Still, a majority of the people are reluctant to the idea of trying it out, owing to their fears of CBD tampering with their drug test reports. We all know what a positive drug test report pronounces for an individual, right? Regardless of whether you speak of the workplace or the sporting world, a positive drug test report haunts in almost every walk of life.

If you’re looking for the simplest verdict on the matter, it is: no, CBD will not fiddle with your drug test reports…in a majority of the circumstances. It’d be fair to suggest that the matter at hand is a bit more complicated than a mere yes or no.

Why CBD Doesn’t Result Into A Positive?

The purpose of a majority of the drug screening tests is to inform the employer on whether the person whom they are hiring will be a good employee or not. The goal is not, at all, to determine the kind of legal medication that you ingest, being the reason why problems only arise if you’re on illegal substances.

In a majority of the states within the US, the usage of CBD for medical purposes is legal. This is the reason why drug screening tests are not designed to detect whether a person uses CBD or not—provided, of course, that its usage is permissible in your state. However, these drug screenings WILL be positive in case of THC.

Is a False Positive Possible?

Individuals who intake moderate quantities of CBD are in no threat of getting a positive result on their drug test reports. However, even though the cases are very rare, those who abuse CBD do stand at risk of a getting a false positive.

This is because all CBD products contain minute amounts of THC as well. In case of strong intake habits of such products, the traces of THC could up enough to give a false positive on the report.


Many businesses in many states where medical marijuana is legal have started to do away with testing for THC altogether. The wider acceptance of the plant and the boom of Cannabiz together can take credit for this movement. So while CBD may pose virtually no risk of a failed drug test, hopefully soon THC will not be a factor either