Why Marijuana Is Better Than Prescription Drugs for the Elderly

Why Marijuana Is Better Than Prescription Drugs For The Elderly

Gone are the days when prescription drugs were the only tickets that the elderly individuals could use to find a way out of their pain and miseries. Here is why medical cannabis might be the better option, in this regard:

A Suitable Replacement for Opioids

One of the worst things that the elderly have to deal with, in the United States of America, is the brunt that they have to take from prescription drugs. When you speak of the addiction crisis in the country, you cannot help but mention that more than half of the opioids are prescribed to the elderly citizens. These citizens suffer great risks in matters of addiction and overdose.

Cannabis based medicines, on the other hand, pose no such risks, and have many of the same effects. This is the reason why it is possible to use them as safer replacement options for the opioid-based medications.

Less Severe Side Effects

Regardless of the kind of medication you might be speaking of, it is understood that every medicine has certain side effects that the patients have to deal with. However, it isn’t less true either that certain side effects are more severe than the others.

Bearing this in mind, it is essential for you to know that the side effects of certain prescription drugs may not only cause addiction but organ damage as well including the likes of the liver and kidneys. This is the reason why medical marijuana should be preferred wherever possible. Marijuana has side effects too, no doubt, but they are far less severe than what some of the prescription drugs offer. The side effects of medical marijuana often do not result into addiction and it is comparatively easier to make adjustments in dosage.

Addresses Common Conditions

A major reason why medical cannabis has what it takes to replace prescription drugs lies in how it addresses some of the most common chronic conditions that the elderly citizens have to deal with. Over the passage of time, almost all human beings fall victims to various health problems.

The usage of medical cannabis, however, can be used for the management of a majority of these conditions, meaning that the need for the harmful prescription drugs is reduced. From arthritis to diabetes to cancer to chronic pain to numerous other health related problems, the fact is that medical marijuana can be used to effectively lead a decent life through these conditions.

Cost Effectiveness

The cost of prescription drugs for all patients goes up practically every year. It is true that medical marijuana is not yet covered by health insurance, but it is no less true either that the money you end up spending on medical marijuana could be significantly less as compared to what might need to be spent on prescription drugs.


When you take it all into perspective, you have to say that it is high time to give patients additional treatment options. If Cannabiz is allowed to thrive, patients will no longer suffer from all the atrocities that prescription drugs put them through!