The Changes in Cannabis Drug Testing

The Changes In Cannabis Drug Testing

With wider cannabis acceptance, many companies are opting to not test for THC in their drug screenings

With legalization of marijuana seeming to be right around the corner nationally, we have noticed a change in the way some companies drug tests their employees. Drug testing has gone up in smoke as more and more people take up the recreational and medical use of marijuana. Companies have noticed that upwards trend and have backed down to attract more people as possible employees. With the unemployment rate at an all time low, it’s becoming harder to find an unemployed individual, especially ones that haven’t involved themselves with the use of cannabis. What other choice do these companies have?

Drug Testing in the Past

In the past, it seemed that nearly every company required a pre-employment drug screen for any potential employees. Any semi-decent job made you pee in a cup to see if you would be that “model” employee that they were looking for. As time goes on, this is changing; and the change is good. According to NBC News, a study was conducted by the Mountain States Employers back in 2014. This study reported that 77 percent of employers conduct a drug screening for marijuana, and three years later that number dropped down to 62 percent. You can find the article here and read more into the report from this major media network. That is a 14 percent decrease, in only 3 years. This is a phenomenal win for cannabis enthusiasts. 

Companies Shifting Policies

With the changes regarding the cannabis industry, certain companies more that others have dropped the drug screening. Nursing Homes looking for aides, house cleaning staff in Hotels, and even restaurants that need cooks and servers, are making drug tests extinct to fill open positions. Specifically, Excellence Health Inc. in Las Vegas, Nevada have decided to join the trend in dropping the pre-employment drug screening. The health care company riddled the drug testing back in 2016 for potential employees coming to work in the pharmaceutical side of the business, stating “We don’t care what people do in their free time.”

Now obviously this is happening at a higher rate in the states that have legalized recreational use of marijuana, but with legalization happening all around the United States, with nearly half of states legalizing at least some form of marijuana use, we can expect more and more companies joining the trend. Mainly starting the same year that Colorado legalized all forms of cannabis, 2014, the increase of companies stopping drug testing is still at an upward slope. A 14 percent decrease in the drug screening process in three years is huge. 

The Future of Drug Testing

With an elevation employed individuals and people entering the job market, unemployment is at all time low, companies are dropping drug tests. A simple google search can confirms this. Media sources, like USA Today and NBC News, along with other news networks have been reporting the trend. A 14 percent decrease over three years goes to show you the future of drug testing in companies. Rounding to about a 4.7 decrease per year shows in a little over 13 years, drug testing for marijuana could be gone completely. Being realistic means drug testing probably wont ever go away completely, but it will get close. You can find other stories like this one here at Cannabiz Network.