Cannabis and Cancer

Cannabis And Cancer

The Cannabis Products and Strains We’ve Found To Be Helpful

My daughter, at the age of sixteen, was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma Desmoplastic brain cancer. After brain surgery and intense radiation, she was told by doctors that she had to go through Chemotherapy. My daughter immediately refused. She did not want any other treatment that wasn’t natural. Doctors did everything they could to force her, including trying to scare her by telling her she would be dead within three years if she didn’t go through with their treatment. Because she was a minor, we had to fight for her right to refuse treatment. She prepared by educating herself on every natural treatment available; the pros and cons versus side effects against the type of chemo they wanted her to have.  She sat through three meetings with hospital officials, answering questions and defending her position. She made a list of natural treatments she would be willing to use. Marijuana was at the top of her list. We didn’t live in a legal state at the time but after a year of saving money and her winning the right to refuse chemotherapy, we were able to relocate to a state where cannabis was legal. She has been cancer free for almost four years now and we believe that outside of her faith, cannabis is a very large part of why.

There is strong scientific evidence showing that marijuana eases side effects of cancer, as well as so many other temporary, and terminal illnesses. Did you know that cannabis extract can shrink tumors? I wish we had known that before they did the brain surgery. Marijuana is blazing a trail to new treatments for patients and is offering hope for not only cures but prevention and maintenance too.

When her battle began, she weighed 117 lbs. but dropped down to 87 lbs. due to the radiation making her so sick that she couldn’t eat for days. When she finally started eating it was a struggle because she had no appetite. We tried everything we could find but cannabis was the only thing that caused her to be hungry. It took a few years but because of the many cannabis products available to her, she finally got back to her starting weight.

Indica strains, high in THC help her relax and sleep at night. She is calm, has very little to no anxiety, sleeps sound and feels rested in the mornings. She sometimes enjoys a small Cheeba Chew “snack” before bedtime. We’ve affectionately referred to any Indica product as “In da couch” because the euphoric feeling it gives creates the desire to do nothing but vegetate. We’ve followed the package directions to a “T” only adjusting when needed. Cheeba Chews also come in sativa and CBD.

The Dixie Root Beer Eixir has been a favorite for her. It comes in 100 mg and 200 mg. You can drink it straight from the cap, or mix it with regular root beer, add some vanilla ice cream and create a magical root beer float. With the float, she gets extra calories to help her keep weight on and the benefits of a sativa strain (CBD & THC). She has no pain, can function at peak levels and is energized but can get a good night’s rest. 

My daughter has had issues with dry mouth since radiation. She is more than happy to pop a Classic Lemon Drop into her mouth and that takes care of it. Out of all the cannabis infused edibles she’s tried, this one has the strongest cannabis flavor. It took some getting used to and though she knows regular peppermint candy may help with the dry mouth, these have incredible health benefits, so she prefers them to anything else.

Gummies are a great way to balance the daily stresses of life. They keep my daughter relaxed and thinking clearly so she can still function, and problem solve but gives her body a break from pain. She doesn’t drive, so she keeps some in her purse and is able to have some on the go, if she needs them.

She’s used a vape pen (where oil is vaporized, and you inhale), she’s smoked different strains and tried many of the edibles on the market, each offering tremendous benefits to both her mental and physical health. We’ve targeted symptoms she wants to address and used Google and a mobile app called Leafly to find strains that focus on her targets. There are cannabis oils, creams and rubs available as well. We’ve found CBD oil/tincture in cinnamon and peppermint flavors too.

I think my personal favorite out of those she’s smoked, is Chemo. I find it to be so appropriately named. It battles nausea, upset stomachs and is quite calming. She’s also tried Alien Kush, OG Kush, Banana Treez and CBD Sherbet just to name a few. Each have a specific CBD:THC ratio, some with only CBD, some with nothing but THC and others mixed with both. Anytime she smokes, she only takes two hits from a pipe, or a joint.

My daughter doesn’t follow any specific routine or stick to one product, but she does use at least one cannabis product or another, daily. Her quality of life has been much better since incorporating cannabis into her daily grind and anytime we run out of something, we have proof of that. She is cancer free and we believe that with the help of cannabis, she will remain that way. We thank God that here are states that have legalized the use of medical marijuana and continuously fight for the rights of people in the states that haven’t legalized it yet.

If you are fighting cancer or any other illness, I would encourage you to gather all the information you can find on the benefits of cannabis in correlation to the illness you (or anyone you know) is fighting. 

By: Loretta Rizzo

Loretta Rizzo is a wife, mother and author who is an outspoken advocate for the legalization of marijuana

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