Buying Cannabis in a MMJ State

Buying Cannabis In A Mmj State

Whether your state just made medical marijuana legal or you’ve recently decided to start purchasing cannabis to address your medical needs, you’ll need to know what to do and how to do it. Once you have an idea of what requirements there are, it’ll be easy to find your way around the magical world of cannabis. Buying medical marijuana can sound scary to some people, but it doesn’t have to be. We’d love to see you enjoy the process as much as the product.

In order to purchase medical marijuana in your state, you’ll need to have a health issue or condition that is approved by your state. To find out if you qualify, please check out our article, “Qualifying Conditions & Symptoms for Medical Marijuana by State.” This will give you a good idea on what you and your physician will be required to do, in order to get you started in the right direction.

Most states will require you to register with their medical marijuana program. You and your physician will have to fill out paperwork. Not all states require you to register. Some are voluntary but it may benefit you in one way or another, to do so. Once you and your doctor have filled out all the necessary paperwork and you have fulfilled any and all other requirements, you’ll be given a Medical Marijuana card (a special form of I.D. for the program). That card will be presented, along with your state issued driver’s license or identification card, at your local dispensary. Some states will also allow you to choose someone as your “caregiver.” This gives them the ability to purchase and grow marijuana plants on your behalf. Please note though that some states don’t allow you to grow marijuana plants. 

Depending on your state requirements, you may be assigned to a specific dispensary or you may be allowed to pick whichever you’d like. Some states will only allow you to be a client at one at a time, but you’ll be able to choose. A dispensary to marijuana smokers is like a toy store to children. It has everything you’ll need to make you happy. If you can find your local dispensary online, purchasing may be easier for you, as you may feel like browsing longer than you would in the dispensary. 

You’ll find that marijuana comes in a variety of forms. The dried plant comes in bud/flower form and can be smoked. You also have the option to vape, enjoy an edible, and to use it as a topical cream, lotion or rub. There are so many other ways to benefit from it as well. Different strains help different illnesses, symptoms etc. You’ll want to find a strain that deals with as many of them at once, as possible or use multiple products. There are baked goods that are absolutely delicious. There are gummy candies, cookies, elixirs, hard candies such as apple or lemon drops. They even have cough drops that can help more than your cough. 


Written by: Loretta Rizzo; a wife, mom  and outspoken advocate for the legalization of marijuana