5 Ways Medical Marijuana Can Increase Your Productivity

5 Ways Medical Marijuana Can Increase Your Productivity

Most people think of  words such as unmotivated and slackers when it comes to describing someone who smokes marijuana, but that’s not always the case nowadays, especially depending on the strain chosen. With a Sativa strain, productivity can be quite high. Yes, seriously. Sativa strains work on the cerebral system. Indicas work on the body and produce a psychoactive effect. The research on medical marijuana is great. It shows to be promising for the elderly, young people and everyone in between. 

One of the ways medical marijuana can increase productivity is by combating anxiety and PTSD. If you or anyone you know suffers with those specific issues, then you probably know how hard it is to go out and face society. Errands take a back seat until someone else can get them done, or it takes days of mental preparation to actually do them yourself. A Sativa strain is perfect to help keep you calm. 

A Sativa strain also helps enhances your creativity, which in turn increases your productivity. Are you an artist, writer, photographer, songwriter or anyone else who needs to have creative juices flowing? Smoking or eating an edible will likely blow your mind. It enables you to focus on the specific task at hand. 

Another way medical marijuana can increase productivity is by improving sleep. An insomniac could really benefit from this. Not only can it help extend the time someone sleeps, but it also provides quality sleep. Getting enough sleep can help someone that’s not an insomniac, in quite a few ways as well. It increases energy by getting the body enough rest. It also enables the body to repair itself. 

A better appetite is another way that medical marijuana can increase productivity. No one wants to work on an empty stomach and if they do, chances are they won’t be very productive. With gurgling noises and hunger pangs, it surely wouldn’t be easy to concentrate either. The “munchies” are real, folks. 

Can we talk about pain? Pain can often be debilitating, and God forbid it’s chronic.No one wants to move when they are in pain, let alone have to do things. If it’s an inflammatory type pain, cannabis works as an anti-inflammatory. For pain that isn’t a result of inflammation; such as sciatica, or nerve damage, cannabis can block pain receptors and prevent you from feeling it. Can you imagine waking up with no pain? Medical marijuana can increase productivity by eliminating pain

The above list is certainly not exhaustive of how medical marijuana can increase productivity, but it gives you an idea of exactly what kind of miracles can be received by its use. It’s really no wonder so many are turning to the cannabis world for medical help.


Written by: Loretta Rizzo; a wife, mom and outspoken advocate for the legalization of marijuana