5 Myths Uncovered About Medical Marijuana

5 Myths Uncovered About Medical Marijuana

In the state of division our world seems to be in now-a-days, medical marijuana can be a  common debate topic. Some are for it, some are against it and some are just puppeting whatever sparks deep and heated conversation. We are in the midst of a a revolution as far as cannabis goes, after years of a “marijuana prohibition.” TImes have changed and the information you hear in public won’t necessarily be fact. Actually, it’s often cluttered with myths. Finding the truth can be a chore if you don’t have time to do the research yourself. Here are some of the myths found, followed by the truth. 

MYTH 1: Medical marijuana is a gateway drug.

There is no medical or scientific research to back that up. That is nothing but an opinion, that came from people in positions to influence others and it was based on political or monetary gains. The only things that determine whether or not anything is a gateway to something else, is whether or not a person is predispositioned to being an addict, and the availability of drugs. 

MYTH 2: Medical marijuana leaves you stoned and unable to function

This is just not true. There are many marijuana strains and products that benefit you without the euphoric head high that THC gives you. Depending on what you are needing medical marijuana for, you can use something with very little to no THC. Choose a product that has a higher CBD amount. CBD goes to work on your body without the psychoactive rush. You are able to function, and sometimes even better than normal with the help of CBD. 

MYTH 3: Doctors don’t support the use of medical marijuana

While this statement may have been true in the past, there are plenty of doctors all over the world that are not only admitting the medical benefits for their patients, but are also going above and beyond to make sure their patients can get it. Often this sentiment is felt because the person needing medical marijuana is afraid to ask questions about it. There are networks at our fingertips now, that can point us in the direction of pro-medical marijuana doctors, dispensaries etc. We need to step out of our comfort zones and start asking questions. 

MYTH 4: Medical marijuana is more dangerous than prescribed medications

Both prescription drugs and over the counter medications can come with a variety of negative and/or dangerous side effects. They create a dependency as well as cause other medical situations beyond what they are meant to help, thus requiring the use of other medications. It can be a vicious cycle. Medical marijuana has actually lowered the numbers of opiate dependencies and over doses according to JAMA Internal Medicine

MYTH 5: There isn’t enough research on medical marijuana

Quite the contrary. The government and Big Pharm have made testing and research almost impossible but have not prevented it completely. There are many studies on testing procedures, whole plant and individual case studies on what it’s doing for hundreds of thousands of patients with various ailments, illnesses and diseases. It’s been proven to benefit so many health and medical issues. One has to ask themselves, if it didn’t, why would the US government own patents on marijuana as a whole, different parts of the plants and one specifically for its medicinal properties and benefits

In conclusion … medical marijuana has proven itself to be beneficial to a vast amount of patients, combating diseases, not just masking them or causing other issues. Whether we plan on using medical marijuana ourselves or know someone who needs a beginner’s guide to buying cannabis, as they start their journey as a medical marijuana patient, the resources are available. It’s up to us to find truth for every myth.


Loretta Rizzo is a wife, mother and an outspoken advocate for the legalization of marijuana