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Washington State Hits $1 Billion in Cannabis Sales

Washington State Hits $1 Billion In Cannabis Sales

After three years of ramping up the recreational marijuana industry, Washington State has officially sold over $1 billion of legal weed — $1,240,899,663 to be exact. The pot shop with the most sales is surprisingly not located in the booming city of Seattle. The marijuana retail store leading the way with a total of $31 million cannabis sales is Main Street Marijuana, and it sits right on the border of Oregon and Washington in the city of Vancouver, WA.Recreational cannabis in Washington passed two years before Oregon, so many Oregonians flocked to the legal state to purchase over-the-counter marijuana. However, with the newly established recreational cannabis market in Oregon, the numbers in Vancouver are expected to plateau.As far at counties goes, cannabis sales in King County, home of Seattle, Bellevue and Federal Way, are towering above the rest of the state. With a total of 79 cannabis retail stores, King County sold almost $27.9 million worth of weed in October of 2016 —...

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