Washington AG: We’re ‘Prepared’ for Cannabis Fight With Feds

Washington Ag: We’re ‘Prepared’ For Cannabis Fight With Feds

Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson hasn’t been shy about the fact he’s willing to defend the state’s legal cannabis system from federal interference. He doubled down on that pledge this week, confirming in an interview that his office is prepared to take legal action if the Justice Department goes after Washington’s state-legal industry.

“We are—and have been, really, for a long time—prepared if there needs to be a legal fight on the future of marijuana legalization in Washington state,” Ferguson said Wednesday in an interview with the editorial board for The Columbian newspaper. “We hope it doesn’t come to that, but we’ve always felt that way.” RELATED STORYWashington State Officials Vow to Fight Any Federal Crackdown When asked what could trigger such action, Ferguson said he was keeping an eye out for federal efforts to shutter a state-compliant business or seize its assets:

Hypothetically speaking, right, there could be a business that’s licensed in Washington state...

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