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Trump Selects Another Anti-Marijuana Goon for Cabinet Position

Trump Selects Another Anti Marijuana Goon For Cabinet Position

President-elect Donald Trump’s latest selection for his cabinet may not be the most close-minded political goon when it comes to the legalization of marijuana, but retired Marine General John F. Kelly, who was recently picked to oversee the Department of Homeland Security, does not seem to believe that people should use marijuana unless it is for medicine. In 2014, while working as the commander of United States Southern Command, Kelly told members of Congress that the legalization of marijuana in the U.S. was making it more difficult to get the international community to further contribute to the drug war. He said it was sometimes challenging to look foreign leaders “in the eye” when trying to encourage them to combat drug cartels because most of them believe the U.S. government is a bunch of hypocrites for prioritizing the issue while allowing states to legalize marijuana. “Where you stand is where you sit,” Kelly said earlier this year in an interview with Military Times. “So if...

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