Trump’s TSA Officially Green-Lights Medical Marijuana

Trump’s Tsa Officially Green Lights Medical Marijuana

UPDATE 2: The TSA has now updated their website once again, but is seemingly backtracking on the newly minted medical marijuana approvals they posted yesterday. The TSA site now reads that medical marijuana is prohibited in both carry-on and checked luggage.

UPDATE: After news started to spread that the TSA was going to allow medical marijuana to be carried on flights or stored in checked baggage, the agency removed the recently-added distinction from their site. Acached version of the site that was live from yesterday until a few moments ago can be found here. According to the TSA, a “mistake” was made.

President Trump’s administration has taken their first official stance on marijuana, and it has to do with travelling on airplanes. While Trump is banning all sorts of electronics from flying into the United States, he does not appear to have an issue with American medical marijuana patients travelling within the United States with their medicine in tow. According to Tom Angell of...

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