Trump’s Drug Czar Flip-Flop: Funding for Border Wall Before Opiate Treatment

Trump’s Drug Czar Flip Flop: Funding For Border Wall Before Opiate Treatment

Proving America’s would-be strongman can be as pliant as a microwaved bagel when subjected to the slightest bit of pressure, the Trump administration completed a near-perfect 360-degree turn on drug policy on Tuesday. But even Donald Trump’s flip-flops are ghastly disasters. While abandoning an almost universally-derided plan that would have exacerbated the opiate overdose crisis, the White House instead found a way to make America even worse. Let’s review. Earlier this month, shortly after Donald Trump’s rumored favorite for the position of White House “drug czar” dropped out of contention, it appeared the president was ready to eliminate the job entirely. As per a draft budget document leaked to CBS News, the Trump White House wanted to cut the Office of National Drug Control Policy’s (ONDCP) funding by almost 95 percent. The move would have saved more than $350 million—a pittance, considering the federal budget is $4.1 trillion—and eliminated some of the more draconian...

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