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The Most Mind-Blowing Subreddits to Browse While High

The Most Mind Blowing Subreddits To Browse While High

You may have recently read Leafly’s staff picks of which funny subreddits to browse while high. We didn’t want to just stop there, so we went ahead and mined our staff once more to bring you our top mind-blowing subreddits to visit while high. These range from communities posting deep content and artwork to gorgeous snaps of nature and people.

RELATED STORYLeafly Staff Picks: The Funniest Subreddits to Browse While High Load up a pipe, click along, and maybe you’ll find yourself contemplating the vast interworkings of the universe through these seven subreddits. Damn That’s Interesting Much like its name, the content in r/damnthatsinteresting is meant to make its users say, “Damn…that’s interesting,” and if it’s interesting enough to say it sober, imagine what you’ll think after a couple of drags off a joint. Sample r/damnthatsinteresting submission by zoommaa – “If 100 people lived on Earth”:

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