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THE FLIP CHIP: What’s up with LED?

The Flip Chip: What’s Up With Led?

Still shaking the bulb to see if it’s out? From car headlights to light bulbs and street lamps, everything seems to be making the change to LED, and for good reason. We all know how much more efficient they are, just like when we switched those twirly CFL bulbs, and it seems to be branching into every field. Except cannabis? LED companies have tried just about everything to break into the cannabis space. You can’t help but see their ads on the side of every grow article and magazine. But when you see pictures of large operations, almost nobody has them. Why is this? The industry standard for cannabis has been HID (High Intensity Discharge) lamps with the HPS (High Pressure Sodium) bulbs being the most popular. While I wish there were some triumphant story of clandestine growers secretly developing these specialty bulbs, it’s actually one of the first designs created to successfully replicate sunlight. HID’s are used, and have been for almost a century, in street lamps, headlights,...

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