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Supreme Court to Hear Key Drug Forfeiture Case   

Supreme Court To Hear Key Drug Forfeiture Case  

The Supreme Court hasagreed to heara case that could set limits on the federal government’s sweeping powers to seize property in drug cases under criminal forfeiturelaws. Tony and Terry Honeycuttwere charged with federal drug offenses after selling quantities of iodine-based water disinfectant at their camping and hunting store in Chattanooga—because the substance can also be used in the manufacture of methamphetamine. Tony, the actual owner of the store, pleaded guilty, and had $200,000 seized—the amount believed equivalent to his proceeds from the sales of the chemical. Terry fought the charge, and lost. The government then sought an additional $70,000 from him. InHoneycutt v. United States,Terry is arguing that he is not liable for the proceeds because he wasn’t an owner of the store. The local district court agreed that Terry should not have to pay, but this was overturned by theSixth Circuit Court of Appealsin Cincinnati, which held that “joint and several liability” applies...

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